Mara H. Reed

Getting a grip on geysers.


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Headshot of Mara in bright winter clothing.

Hi, I’m Mara — your friendly hydrothermal zealot. I am a graduate student in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Geysers are my thing. Specific interests include the triggering mechanisms for geyser reactivation and dormancy, the controls on eruption intervals, and acoustic methods for tracking gas flux in thermal features.

I have been hooked on “geyser gazing” since my teens and have strong ties with Yellowstone’s geyser enthusiast community. Their collective knowledge often motivates and informs my research. One of my goals is to connect other geyser researchers to this community, so I volunteer for GeyserTimes, a crowdsourced database of geyser eruptions. The GeyserTimes team is currently in the process of developing a section of the website dedicated to curated datasets suitable for researchers.

In my free time, I head underground with cavers from the Diablo Grotto, pursue cave photography, and complain about the lack of weather in the Bay Area.


E-mail: reed.mara.h[at]

Twitter: @GarbledGeyser